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En integrerad PR och kommunikationsbyrå baserad i Stockholm som hjälper kunder, allt från stora börsnoterade företag till startups och organisationer, med alla typer av kommunikationsbehov.
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Dialect is a new customer

Dialect is a new customer

Dialect, Sweden’s leading reseller of communications solutions to businesses has partnered with agency. The cooperation refers primarily to strategic advice on Dialects financial communications as part of efforts for a possible IPO.

– The agency’s combination of communications and financial expertise were a key factor for Dialect in the selection of anew communications advisor, said Victoria Jonsson, head of communications at Dialect.

About Dialect:
Dialect is a leading reseller of communications solutions to businesses. These solutions include products and services within IT and telecom. Dialect was formed in August 1995 under a joint brand. The company is now a nationwide franchise chain operated by the Group Dialect AB. In 2009 the chain had sales over a billion Swedish kronor and today has approximately 700 employees. Headquartered in Stockholm, with sales and service centers established in all parts of the country, from Boden to Malmö. For more information see

For more information please contact:
Mikael Zillén, founder and partner, phone: 0762-13 00 40

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