Box Communications | Financial Market Survey 2015 –  the complete ranking
En integrerad PR och kommunikationsbyrå baserad i Stockholm som hjälper kunder, allt från stora börsnoterade företag till startups och organisationer, med alla typer av kommunikationsbehov.
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Financial Market Survey 2015 –  the complete ranking

Financial Market Survey 2015 –  the complete ranking

We have recently, for the fifth consecutive year, completed our Financial Markets Survey where we ask the finance professionals in Sweden to rank listed companies that has either created or destroyed value through their communication. 133 portfolio managers, analysts and brokers responded to the survey and a total of 60 Large Cap companies were mentioned in this “top of mind” survey. Below are the 10 companies that ranked highest and lowest, and a link to the list in its entirety (Se hela listan…).







To better understand what the financial market rewards and shuns when it comes to communication, we ask the finance professionals to justify their answers. Those answers give valuable insights. We do not openly publish these responses, however we will disclose some in our seminar, “IR best practice”, to be held later this spring. But if you cannot wait, we can make house calls.

To learn more about our Financial Markets Survey 2015, please contact us!


Tomas Öqvist, Box Communications, Phone: + 46 705-543440, E-mail: tomas.oqvist (@)
Mikael Zillén, Box Communications, Phone: +46 762-130040, E-mail: mikael.zillen (@)

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