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As tradition dictates, we end our annual survey and rank of the twittering CEOs with interviews with the winners. We present the interviews in the different categories included in the study, with contributions from Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, First North Growth Market, Nordic Growth Market (NGM), and Spotlight Stock Market.

Why map tweeting CEOs?


Since the start of Box Communications over 10 years ago, when the digital transformation was still in its infancy, we have followed how the new digital channels affect the communication of listed companies. With long experience from the financial industry, we could see that the listed companies and their CEOs live in a new exciting, and the somewhat unsafe environment when information is spread faster and faster to virtually all stakeholders at the same time.


The ongoing pandemic, which will hopefully be over soon, has further accelerated the digital transition. As more and more people get used to communicating digitally, whether it is via audio, video, film, or text, the pressure will increase on companies not only to be digital internally but to incorporate it into all communication as well. And to get quick internal acceptance and a significant external impact, the management must show the way, and Twitter can act as a starting point.


As we recently wrote in the text "The digital CEO shows the way into the future" (in Swedish) it will become increasingly important with authentic and genuine communication to break through the noise, and who is better suited to act as the company's influencer than its CEO?


We do this survey to highlight good role models who can hopefully be an inspiration for others to follow.

This year's questions  

1) Can you briefly tell us about yourself and the company you are CEO of?

2) How did you get started with Twitter?

3) What was your biggest challenge?

4) Do you see any business benefits?

5) disadvantages?

6) How much dialogue do you have with their followers?

7) How do you think the climate on Twitter is?

8) How much time do you spend on your tweeting?

9) What are your best tips for the CEO who has not yet gotten started or just made a few small attempts?


Winner interviews

Rikard Josefson (@RikardJosefson), Avanza Bank 

Last year we called for a little bit more of Rikard's own material to reach the top position. This is something he has lived up to, so even though Ola Rollén continues to deliver, it was Rikard who pulled the longest straw. Additional qualities that made it possible for Rikard to grab the top spot is his ability to listen and be present. We say, "Keep up the good work" and congratulations!

Erik Gatenholm (@egatenholm), CELLINK

It's the newcomers' year on the Mid Cap list this year. That there would be a change on the throne was clear when last year's winner Klaus-Anders Nysteen recently had to leave his job as CEO of Hoist Finance. In first place this year we have Erik Gatenholm from CELLINK, who last year led an anonymous existence on First North but with the move to the main list has blossomed as a twitterer, which was enough for a first place. Follow Erik (link above) for exciting insights on developments in "bio convergence". Good job, and congratulations on the first place!

Stefan K Persson (@StefanKPersson1), Precise Biometrics AB

Stefan K Persson took home second place last year and in our comments back then we wrote that the step up to the first place was not so big. What was required was a little more visibility and that is what Stefan delivered. In other words, Stefan lived up to Precise Biometrics corporate motto “You are the key” by being the key to his own success. Congratulations!




Anders Storm (@StormSivers), Sivers Semiconductors AB

Getting to the top spot of First North is a real feat, the competition is fierce. You can say: "If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere". We have followed Anders Storm and Sivers for several years. Last year he ended up just outside of the top list. Despite an incredibly strong bunch of twitterers, there was no doubt who was number one this year.

For inspiration, we can recommend other CEOs to have a look at what Anders is doing. We take the opportunity to congratulate Anders on the top position, but also the move to Nasdaq Stockholm's Main Market that the company recently made. Next year, Anders will compete with the CEOs on the Mid Cap list.

Torbjörn Sjöström (@t_sjostrom), Novus Group

Torbjörn was the only CEO to retain first place from 2020. With a very active, and important, communication on issues such as Covid-19 and the research that Novus is doing around this, Torbjörn was the most obvious choice this year. Congratulations on the first place!

Roberto García Martínez (@Roberto_GarMar), Eurobattery Minerals

The commitment among the CEOs at NGM has been a bit so and so in recent years; the list has really only had two participants who have been altering at the top spot. This year it finally heated up. It is an even field where Roberto García Martínez from Eurobattery Minerals pulled the longest straw and where Henrik Nyström from Star Vault finished second. Roberto García writes about the electric revolution and the battery mineral, areas with an exciting future. We say congratulations!


If you want to know more about the survey or are thinking about how to get started or get your involvement in social media to level up, please feel free to contact us for a free digital consultation.


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