Optimize your IR web!

Surfing around on the websites of Swedish large cap companies and in particular their IR websites, you can quickly establish a good deal of conformity. Of course, different websites distinguish themselves in a number of ways, but maybe mostly from a design perspective. Some websites feel very modern, while others

Get started with social media

I wrote earlier that the development of social media from an IR perspective among Swedish listed companies have been at a standstill over the past year. This is indeed a pity because these channels are creating unprecedented opportunities to communicate with both existing and potential shareholders as well as other

How is good IR valued in bad times?

There are many who believe that there is no point to pursue an active IR effort, because shares live their own lives and fluctuate with the market in general. This applies especially when stock markets fall, as they do right now. Most of these people seem to view IR as some

IR and social media – what happens now?

Soon a year has passed since we undertook a major study of how widespread the use of social media in an IR context was among the listed Swedish companies. Our findings indicated significant interest in social media, but that only a few early adopters had implemented it as part of

IPO, is it the last resort?

While there is an ongoing debate about the lack of IPO’s in Stockholm, new listings in other markets are announced continuously, something you can read about in an article in SvD Näringsliv on February 8 (in Swedish), "10 giants headed for the New York Stock Exchange". With the arguments put forward

Will 2011 mark the return of the IPO?

Many thought that 2010 would be the starting point for the large accumulated need for IPO’s. Despite economic chaos in Greece and concern for the other PIIGS countries, risk appetite certainly wasn't lacking and the stock market delivered very good returns. This was mainly driven by companies reporting fantastic earnings

New year – time for a new IR plan

Now that we are at the beginning of a new year is the time to go through last year's IR activities and analyze what went well and what perhaps did not go well. The next step in the process is to reconcile this against the targets set in last year's

Bisnode is a new customer

Bisnode, one of Europe’s leading providers of digital business and decision support information, has partnered with the agency. The cooperation is in respect to advise on Bisnode financial communications. - It is with pride and pleasure we look forward to working with Bisnode, and see it as further confirmation that our

Dialect is a new customer

Dialect, Sweden's leading reseller of communications solutions to businesses has partnered with agency. The cooperation refers primarily to strategic advice on Dialects financial communications as part of efforts for a possible IPO. - The agency's combination of communications and financial expertise were a key factor for Dialect in the selection of