Twitter continues to increase among Swedish listed companies

Box Communications annual review of the use of Twitter among Swedish listed companies show that the number of companies with a Twitter account increased by more than 30 percent over the last year. Approximately 33 percent of the 354 companies listed at NASDAQ OMX Stockholm now have a Twitter account. The

We asked Professor Baruch Lev a few questions

- the author of Winning Investors Over. In the book Winning Investor Over Baruch Lev describes, based on his own and other economists' research, how to intelligently deal with Wall Street in order to increase the share price (although there are some differences to the European markets, it is to a

The IR-plan – best friend of the budget process

Times of great uncertainty normally mean that the budget process includes large or small cutbacks. How the savings will affect your part of the organization depends on how well you can argue for your department’s needs and your ability to back the arguments with facts. Last year we wrote about the

Twitter is gaining momentum among Swedish listed companies

Box Communications recurring analysis of the use of Twitter by Swedish listed companies’ shows that companies with a Twitter account has increased by over 60 percent since year end. A little bit over half the Large Caps have a twitter account, corresponding figures for Mid and Small Caps are approximately

How to cope with the IR Smiley-Effect™?

When we recently did our Financial Market Survey 2011 we distinguished something that we call the IR Smiley-Effect™. It is by no means a revolutionary finding or something that you couldn’t intuitively figure out, but sometimes you need to put a label on things before you can start to think

The Swedish annual report miracle

I am of course delighted to find Sweden at the top in various ranking tables. It is not without nostalgia I remember the 80s when Swedish tennis players where all over the ATP ranking, for a long period with an average of about a dozen players on the top 100

Can I offer you an annual report?

This time of year often marks the starting point for the process of planning the work with this year’s annual report. Not very different from young people trying to sell Christmas magazines, communications agencies is trying to get client to place their orders for a later delivery date. By coincidence,