Winner interview Pål Ryfors, Episurf Medical – CEO’s on Twitter, Small Cap

Winner interview Pål Ryfors, Episurf Medical – CEO’s on Twitter, Small Cap

As tradition dictates, we end our annual survey and rank of the twittering CEOs with interviews with the winners. We present the interviews in the different categories included in the study, with contributions from Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, Nordic Growth Market (NGM), and Spotlight Stock Market.

Why map tweeting CEOs?


Since the start of Box Communications 10 years ago, when the digital transformation was still in its infancy, we have followed how the new digital channels affect the companies' communication. With long experience from the financial industry, we could see that the listed companies in particular and their CEOs live in a new exciting, and somewhat unsafe environment when information is spread faster and faster to virtually all stakeholders at the same time.


Many believe that the pandemic we are currently experiencing has further accelerated the digital transition. As more and more people get used to communicating digitally, whether it is via audio, video, film, or text, the pressure will increase on companies not only to be digital internally but to incorporate it into all communication as well. And to get quick internal acceptance and a significant external impact, the management must show the way, and Twitter can act as a starting point.


We do this survey to highlight good role models who can hopefully be an inspiration for others to follow.


The Motivation - Winner Small Cap

Pål Ryfors (@palryfors), Episurf Medical AB 

In recent years, Christian Kinch, now chairman of Bactiguard, has subscribed to the first place in the Small Cap segment. Getting to Christian's level takes time, but Pål is on the right track, and for that reason, he has taken over the leader jersey in the Small Cap category. We congratulate Pål on taking the first place!

Winner interview - Pål Ryfors


  1. In connection with the corona pandemic, digital communication has reached entirely new levels, how has it affected your internal and external communication work?

 We try to be a transparent company and have been trying to be so for a couple of years now, so I would not say that Corona has changed our behavior significantly, neither externally nor internally. However, as always, it is essential to try to be clear, straightforward, and fast in communication, and possibly the significance of this has become particularly apparent in the spring of 2020.


  1. We use Twitter as a starting point for our survey, but which other channels do you use, and which ones work best?

My only channel is Twitter, but the company uses LinkedIn and Facebook in addition to Twitter.


  1. Social media, not least Twitter, is often criticized for spreading threats and hatred. As a tweeting CEO, is this something you recognize?

This is evident on Twitter; of course, it is. 99% of what I tweet about is related to Episurf, and I do not enter into dialogues about anything else. If I say that it is sunny outside, you can be sure that someone starts arguing that it is cloudy, and then there is a risk that you spend time on something that does not benefit the company. I have reflected on this, and therefore I try to act concisely and focus on what is essential for the company.


  1. Today, about 15% of the stock exchange's CEOs are on Twitter. From your perspective, should there be more, and if so, why?

Yes, absolutely, it is a very nice channel, and I think it would be fun to see more role models in the business world on Twitter. Ola Rollén is a shining example of someone who uses Twitter in a really excellent way.




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