Winner interview 2019, Small Cap – Christian Kinch, Bactiguard

CEOs on Twitter, Christian Kinch, Bactiguard

Winner interview 2019, Small Cap – Christian Kinch, Bactiguard

Just like last year, our annual survey on CEOs of listed companies on Twitter, or bosses on Twitter as someone put it, is finished off with interviews with the winners.


Previously, we have published all the interviews together, but this year will be a little different. The reason for this is that we have broadened the scope of our research, in addition to companies listed on Nasdaq Stockholm's main list, we have also included companies on First North, NGM and Spotlight.

Why map CEOs on Twitter?

Ever since the start of Box Communications almost 10 years ago, when the digital transformation was still in its infancy, we have followed how new digital channels impact how companies communicate. With broad experience from the financial industry, we could see that, the listed companies and their CEOs exist in an extra interesting and exposed environment when information is spread faster and faster to virtually all stakeholders at the same time.


There are, of course, risks of venturing into the social channels, but the opportunities are enormous and, in our opinion, not being digital is a far greater risk that in the long run can negatively affect the overall business performance. Or, as Daniel Daboczy, CEO of Fundedbyme, says in his interview "companies that are not social will slip behind, both externally and internally."


We conduct this survey to highlight good role models that hopefully can be an inspiration for others to notice and follow. Our ambition is to organize a seminar, hopefully with some of the winners, to be able to discuss both positive and negative experiences on a deeper level. More on this to follow.

Justification - winner Small Cap

Christian Kinch ( @Christiankinch), Bactiguard Holding AB

Christian has been a back to back to winner the last couple of years and he is truly a digital role model that other senior executives can look at for inspiration and guidance. Christian of course share information about Bactiguard and the industry, but is also private and happy to share interesting events within Swedish and international tennis. We just say game, set and match and a big congratulations this year again!

Winner interview - Christian Kinch


1) What are the most positive aspects of being a CEO on Twitter in 2019?

Twitter has become such a natural part of my and Bactiguard's everyday life that I no longer reflect on it. It provides inspiration and insights and I share my thoughts about what happens in Bactiguard, my own life and in the world - big and small.


2) What are the negative aspects?

I really don’t see any negative aspects, except possibly the risk of being trapped in a filter bubble regarding news consumption, but I supplement that through other channels.


3) Many CEOs see the regulatory framework MAR as an excuse for not communicating via Twitter. How has it affected your Twitter activities?

It hasn’t affected me at all. Regardless of the channel, as the CEO of a listed one always has to follow MAR when communicating.


4) Accessibility is another issue that concerns many, what’s your view on that?

It becomes part of everyday life and a natural way of communicating. As CEO, the outside world expects you to be more or less available around the clock, regardless of the channel.


5) What kind of posts do you get the most reactions to?

Hard to say because I mix company-related and personal posts. But if I were to give any advice, it is to dare to be personal in your comments, just forwarding other people's posts yields no added value and very few reactions.


6) Finally, if a CEO is thinking about starting to tweet, do you have any good advice on how to get started?

Start by following others, seek inspiration and decide how you want to use the channel. Start with the little, what you feel comfortable with and gradually expand your comfort zone. Dare to be personal without being private!


7) Any other thoughts about your use of Twitter?

Yes - every day a company waits is a lost day of experience.

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